5 Pillars. 15 Commitments. One Decade of Action.

Mary Kay’s global sustainability strategy: Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow offers a holistic approach that encompasses the three pillars of sustainability—economic, environmental and social—through five initiatives, activated by 15 commitments, to deliver a decade of sustainable action.

We are making a difference, one commitment at a time.

Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Business Excellence

Product Stewardship

Responsible Manufacturing

Women’s Empowerment

Social Impact

In today’s dynamic and continuously changing business world, it is the human assets, not the fixed or tangible assets that differentiate an organization from its competitors. Our employees are the backbone of our organization. We empower employees by nurturing creativity and innovation in the workplace, which is necessary to succeed in today’s volatile marketplace.

Diverse People Holding Hands

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are committed to gain knowledge, demand action, and ensure sustainable, long-lasting change.

Our People

We are committed to our people through employee engagement by developing effective benefits and well-being programs to health and safety processes by demonstrating our company values and nurturing our corporate culture. 

Our People

Advocacy & Transparency

We are committed to transparency & advocacy through sustainable practices, and to be open, honest and transparent by making information available on our owned media channels, independent audits, and meeting guidelines set forth by organizations as agreed in our sustainability commitments.

We are challenging ourselves to further embed sustainable practices in our business through product development, design, responsible sourcing, and mitigation of plastic pollution. We strive to continuously improve the profile of our products. Consumers have better choices because we made better decisions.


Recycling & Circular Economy

We are committed to reducing our impact by sourcing more than 90% of the paper used in our packaging from recycled content and/or certified sustainable sources.

Plastics & Packaging

We are committed to decreasing plastic intensity by 30% and driving toward more sustainable packaging for our product portfolio by making over 50% of our regular line packaging sustainable. 

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
Product Stewardship

Sustainable Sourcing

We are committed to ensuring our sourced products are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way by addressing environmental and ethical factors in our supply chain.

Our global footprint is vast and drives our holistic sustainability approach especially within our operations. We are focused on efficient manufacturing operations by reducing our environmental impact and identifying opportunities for resource improvement.



We are committed to reduce water utilization by 30%.


We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint (scopes 1 and 2) by 30%.

Tree with Heart Shape
Operational Waste

Safety & Operational Waste

We are committed to the safety of our people by developing effective health and safety processes, and planning for future operational waste management ensuring our buildings will operate efficiently, sustainably and safely.

Women and girls face significant barriers to realizing their own potential. Shattering glass ceilings is no longer enough. Every barrier must be torn down and stay down, ensuring equality and sustainable change. We celebrate women and girls all over the world: empowering them, lifting their communities, and eliminating inequalities. Empowered women and girls are the key to the future.

Economic Empowerment

Economic Impact

We are committed to empowering over five million women worldwide.


We are committed to developing a 10-year policy agenda to addressing women’s equality. 

Gender Equality
Woman studying in library with book and computer


We are committed to ensuring access to education for 250,000 girls and women globally.

It’s simple: lead with purpose. At the center of our moral compass is purpose. We are dedicated to collaborating with organizations from all over the world to find meaningful solutions to global issues.

domestic violence help

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Domestic Violence (DV)*

We are committed to support 5 million women globally in need of support services.

*GBV & DV goal will be achieved in conjunction with our company-sponsored foundations.

Global Social Impact & Local Community

We are committed to collaborating with over 500 organizations and supporting positive change all over the world.

pink globe

Cancer Research*

We are committed to funding 400,000 hours of cancer research.

*Cancer Research goal will be achieved in conjunction with our company-sponsored foundations.