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The following publications detail nearly 60 years of stewardship at Mary Kay. From science to sustainability; ethos to ecosystems; Mary Kay’s influence may be vast, but our impact is personal. 

Let’s dive in. 


Ehtos & Ecosystem: Business Excellence

2022 Year-End Highlights

Mary Kay Inc., a global entrepreneurship development company and advocate for corporate social responsibility and sustainability, released its mid-year highlights for 2022.

July 2022

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2020 Year-End Highlights

Mary Kay Inc., a global entrepreneurship development company and advocate for corporate social responsibility and sustainability, released its year-end highlights for 2020.

January 2021

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2021 Year-End Highlights

Mary Kay Inc., a global entrepreneurship development company and advocate for corporate social responsibility and sustainability, released its year-end highlights for 2021.

January 2022

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Purpose & Social Impact: Catalyst for Change

Pink Changing Lives

Mary Kay Ash made a lasting impact to change the world for the better. In honor of her legacy, Pink Changing LivesSM was born to support and celebrate women and girls’ impactful contributions to the world. 

Pink Changing Lives is our global commitment to recognize women and girls who are changing the world for the better, and support organizations around the world who tirelessly work to improve the lives of women and their families.

October 2022

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Emergency Response: COVID

Mary Kay Inc., along with its four-company sponsored foundations implemented a wide range of initiatives to tackle the COVID-19 crisis including monetary donations, hand sanitizer and other hygiene product donations, and distributed support to local, domestic, and global organizations totaling nearly $10 million providing critical relief efforts for those impacted around the world.

May 2020 (rev. October 2022)

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Sustainability & ESG: Enriching Lives Today for A Sustainable Tomorrow

The 2020-2022 Global Sustainability & Social Impact Summary Report

The 2020-2021 Global Sustainability & Social Impact Summary report highlights progress Mary Kay has made so far and outlines our 10-year plan guiding corporate decisions, shaping policies and creating positive change. We hope you are inspired by our journey, and join us in as we continue to make progress making this vision a reality. 

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Executive Summary

2020-21 Sustainability Strategic Summary Report

For nearly 60 years, Mary Kay has empowered women while changing the world of business and supporting local communities. As a family-owned company, our focus has been to operate against the highest of standards for business, the environment, and social impact.

Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow is our holistic approach encompassing three dimensions of sustainability – economic, environmental, and social – through five pillars, activated by 15 commitments to deliver a decade of sustainable action.

March 2021

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Company-Sponsored Foundations

Instituto Mary Kay (Brazil)

Instituto Mary Kay aims to promote the wellness of women and their families in all phases of life, and it develops projects focused on health, education, family, and professional and social development.

October 2022

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Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation (Canada)

The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation is committed to supporting women living with cancer through the Look Good Feel Better program and to helping end violence against women by providing grants to women’s shelters and community outreach programs.

October 2022

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Mary Kay China Sponsored Programs and Funds (China)

Through sponsored programs and funds, Mary Kay China established its philanthropic efforts to span the urgent needs of women and children. Launching its core program, the Mary Kay Women’s Entrepreneurship Program is in association with China Women’s Development Foundation; and includes four additional funds: Mary Kay China Charity Fund is in cooperation with China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Mary Kay Spring Bud Fund is in cooperation with China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, Young Women’s Future Fund is in cooperation with Adream Foundation, and Pink Changing Lives Community Fund is set up by Pink Changing Lives Volunteer Club and Jing’an Branch of Shanghai Charity Foundation.

October 2022

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Mary Kay Ash FoundationSM  (United States of America) 25th Anniversary Annual Report

Since 1996, guided by Mary Kay Ash’s dream to enrich the lives of women everywhere, the Mary Kay Ash Foundation has invested millions of dollars in breakthrough cancer research, clinical trials and cancer support programs and services, and programs and services helping to end gender-based violence and violence against women.

October 2021

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Glamhive & Mary Kay Global Design Studio: Sustainability in Fashion 

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“Piloting SDG Localization at the Village Level: a Women-focused Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development Project in Yunnan Province, China.” Impact Report (Phase 1- 2017-2021)

The impact report highlights the genesis, means of implementation and outcomes of the project advanced through a multi-stakeholder supported development process.

Author: Mary Kay Inc. and the United Nations Development Programme

August 2022

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UN Women for WEA “Procurement’s strategic value: Procurement’s strategic value: Why gender-responsive procurement makes business sense” 

“The report presents the business case for gender-responsive procurement, defined as the sustainable selection of services, goods or public works from women-owned or women-led enterprises and/or those having gender-responsive policies and practices for employees and supply chains.” 

Authors: UN Women, Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator, Co-Funded: Mary Kay Inc. & NAMA

April 2022

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International Women’s Forum & Latinbarometro Research titled: “Latin American Women: Democracy & Society from a Gender Perspective” 

International Women’s Forum commissioned groundbreaking research as part of its annual conference programming (2022) with funding by Mary Kay. Conducted by the Latinobarómetro founded by Marta Lagos, this research, titled “Latin American Women: Democracy & Society from a Gender Perspective,” is the first-ever analysis of a quarter of a century (1995-2020) of public opinion and attitudes towards and by women on gender equality issues in 18 Latin American countries.

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ILO’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Development (WED) Assessment in Mexico “Evaluación de las condiciones marco para el desarrollo empresarial de la mujer. Sectores de comercio e industria en la Ciudad de México.” WED Assessment 

El presente informe se ha elaborado como parte del programa Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator (WEA), una iniciativa promovida por Mary Kay Inc. que reúne al Centro de Comercio Internacional (CCI), al Compacto Global, la Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT), ONU-Mujeres, el Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD) y la Unión Internacional de Telecomunicaciones (UIT) con el objetivo de impulsar el desarrollo empresarial de la mujer.

Author: ILO, A contribution to the Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator, Funded by Mary Kay Inc.

July 2022

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CARE’s Gender-Based Violence Guidance for Development Programs 

The Guidance is a practical tool for implementing high-quality GBV interventions. It is geared towards both GBV specialists and nonspecialists across all CARE’s impact areas (Climate Justice; Gender Equality; Right to Food, Water Nutrition; Right to Health; Women’s Economic Justice; and Humanitarian). Over 50 CARE staff from 40 countries contributed to its development, laying the foundation for CARE’s approaches to GBV risk mitigation, prevention, response and advocacy.

Author: CARE, Funded by Mary Kay Inc. and Mary Kay Ash Foundation

July 2022

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ITC SheTrades 2021 Annual Report “Building an inclusive and sustainable recovery” 

The report recognizes MKI’s funding (page 59) as follows “2021 funders for focus area 5: Promoting and mainstreaming inclusive and green trade.” 

Authors: International Trade Centre

August 2022

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CARE 2021 Annual Report  

In 2021, CARE worked in 102 countries, reaching more than 100 million people through more than 1,400 programs. They celebrated their 75th anniversary and launched their two-year Fast and Fair initiative, providing vaccine delivery to at least 100 million people.

April 2022

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UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women 2021 Annual Report to the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 66) and the UN Human Rights Council  

MKI and the MKA Foundation are recognized alongside the government of 15 countries and 9 UN Women National Committees.

March 2022

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UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women 2021 Annual Report

The report highlights the life-changing work of UN Trust Fund grantee organizations around the world, during times of overlapping crises and despite a strong backlash on women’s rights. In 2021, the UN Trust Fund managed a grants portfolio of 157 projects aimed at preventing and addressing violence against women and girls in 68 countries and territories, across 5 regions, with grants totaling 74.7 million USD. Overall, at least 22,506,645 women and girls were directly reached through the work of UN Trust Fund-supported projects. In total, UN Trust Fund grantees reached 41,782,089 people, through various initiatives to prevent violence against women and girls, improve services delivery, and to increase the effectiveness of laws, policies, national action plans, and accountability systems. MKI and the MKA Foundation are recognized alongside the government of 15 countries and 9 UN Women National Committees.  

June 2022

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UN Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict Network “Addressing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence. Private Sector Opportunities for Engagement” Executive Summary 

(UN Action) is a coordinated body of 21 UN entities working to prevent and respond to conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV). Mary Kay is featured as an example of private sector best practice through a case study in support of “RESPONSE STEP 4: DEVELOP INCLUSIVE ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVES” alongside the Coca-Cola Company, Bèkske and Committed to Good.

Aug 2022

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Generation Equality 2022 Accountability Report   

The Generation Equality Accountability Report 2022 assesses efforts made since the 2021 Generation Equality Forum to respond to gaps and deficits in progress needed for women and girls. MKI became a commitment maker (to 5 of the 6 action coalitions) at this 2021 Forum and this is the first report (using aggregated data from surveys) examining how commitment makers are implementing their commitments – It’s an example of our transparency on and commitment to gender equality.

Author: UN Women 

September 2022

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