The Mary Kay Design Studio stays on top of the latest color and makeup trends that are on the world’s radar. With the endless trends taking over social media—and the beauty industry thrives on newness—it is important to sort through all the noise to know what is buzz-worthy. Pairing with beauty artists from around the world, Mary Kay unveils some of the latest makeup trends at some of the most exclusive fashion weeks’ celebrations around the world.

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The Mary Kay Global Design Studio houses the collaborations with fashion designers and high-profile events arounds the world to inspire the beauty trends—from fashion weeks to awards shows—that are ever-changing. In addition, it is the inspiration for Mary Kay’s award-winning fashion apparel, accessories, and recognition awards.

Mary Kay partners with influencers from around world ranging from makeup artists to fashion designers and celebrities.

Pink House

The Mary Kay Global Design Studio houses our internal creative agency, “Pink House.” The Pink House is responsible for global campaign development for all of Mary Kay.

The beauty industry thrives on newness for product development—it is important to sort through all the noise to know what is only buzz-worthy versus what is innovative

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Mary Kay Early Packaging

The Mary Kay Global Design Studio includes the teams’ conceptualizing product and digital innovation, From industry firsts to how consumers engage in the digital space.

Beauty and fashion are often touted to be synonymous with women. We want to engage in the conversation to advocate for ethics, sustainability, and circular practices in fashion.

Product Stewardship
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The Mary Kay Global Design Studio also includes Mary Kay’s historical impact on fashion, film, entertainment, career apparel, and the accolades amassed over the last five decades.