The Mary Kay Global Design Studio is the creative incubator within Mary Kay. Under the Design Studio umbrella are Mary Kay’s industry events, designer collaborations, influencer partnerships, global campaigns, digital innovations, and sustainability projects.

Global Industry Events

Designer Collaborations


Digital Innovation

Sustainability in Fashion

A History of Trend Setting

The Mary Kay Global Design Studio participates in a variety of high-profile fashion events around the world. Inspired by beauty trends that are ever-changing, our presence can be felt in the most modern places, from fashion weeks to award shows – we are in sync with the ever-changing trends.

Fashion Week and Event Highlights

  • New York Fashion Week
  • Belarus Fashion Week
  • Bratislava Fashion Days by Mercedes-Benz
  • Czech Lion Awards
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Shanghai Fashion Week #Shero Style Fashion Trends

The Mary Kay Global Design Studio collaborates with fashion designers and high-profile tastemakers around the world. It is the inspiration for Mary Kay’s award-winning fashion apparel, accessories, and recognition awards. As a brand with a strong identity, we join with the creators to inspire and illuminate the world around us. 

The Mary Kay Global Design Studio develops engaging global campaigns. Through captivating creative and visuals, we produce compelling content for all of Mary Kay.

Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

  • At Mary Kay, environmental, economic, and social sustainability have been a priority since the beginning. In 2021, the Company launched its 10-year strategy for creating a sustainable future, Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow.
  • “Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow” builds on the company’s mission to Enrich Women’s Lives. The logo for this strategic initiative utilizes the heart icon created for Mary Kay’s Brand ID. The five hearts collected in a circle represent each of the 5 pillars, or priorities, of this initiative: Business Excellence, Product Stewardship, Responsible Manufacturing, Women’s Empowerment and Social Impact.
Then Now Always logo

Then. Now. Always. 

  • This theme moves us into a new era of enriching women’s lives around the world. Created in honor of Mary Kay’s 60th anniversary celebration in 2023, the campaign is designed to show how we will continue to lead as experts in beauty and women’s empowerment. Simply put, the theme speaks to the staying power of Mary Kay.
  • At Mary Kay, We empower women to feel confident, to recognize their own unique beauty and to reach their goals, no matter how big or small. Our values are timeless: helping women define success on their own terms, women supporting women and irresistible products that help them feel confident. We look ahead to a transformative and sustainable future through various initiatives that will make a real difference for everyone everywhere. We want to celebrate the Company’s mission to enrich women’s lives through a global community that runs deep and true. And we want to call back to the incredible story of how and why Mary Kay Ash founded her Company.

The Mary Kay Global Design Studio includes the teams’ conceptualizing product digital innovations from industry firsts to delivering engaging consumer experiences across a variety of digital platforms such as the Mirror Me virtual makeup app to the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer.  Interactive brand experiences provide beauty lovers with opportunities to experience the latest trends and customized product recommendations.

Through the Mary Kay Global Design Studio, we raise awareness, address change, and promote innovation and conscious practices within the industry today. We endeavor to engage in the conversation to advocate for ethics, women’s empowerment, sustainability, and circular practices in fashion. 

The Mary Kay Global Design Studio also includes Mary Kay’s historical impact on fashion, film, entertainment, career apparel, and the accolades amassed over the last six decades.