Deanna Fell serves as Vice President of Product Stewardship. In this role she is responsible for Upstream Research, Clinical Research, Scientific Credentialing, Product Safety & Environmental Toxicology, Global Regulatory Compliance, and the Products Research Organization. 

Deanna joined Mary Kay in November 2000 and has held a variety of leadership positions in Engineering, Package Engineering, Commercialization, Maintenance, Project Management and Procurement.  Deanna’s most notable contributions during her tenure with Mary Kay include building the Richard R. Rogers Manufacturing/R&D center in Lewisville, Texas as well as the first green-field manufacturing plant in Hangzhou China. 

Prior to Mary Kay, Deanna held leadership roles in the manufacturing function at PepsiCo and R&D function at Frito-Lay. Deanna earned her Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Master of Science in Package Engineering from Michigan State University.