Responsible Manufacturing

Our global footprint is vast and drives our holistic sustainability approach especially within our operations. We are focused on efficient manufacturing operations by reducing our environmental impact and identifying opportunities for resource improvement.



We are committed to making efforts to reduce our water utilization at our facilities.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

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Operational Waste

Safety & Operational Waste

We are committed to the safety of keeping our people safe at work and reducing our operational waste ensuring our buildings will operate efficiently, sustainably and safely.

R3 Sustainability Committee

Mary Kay is committed to responsible manufacturing and improving operational efficiency while also reducing our environmental footprint in areas such as water utilization.

Mary Kay’s global manufacturing facility, Richard R. Rogers Manufacturing/R&D Center (R3), is the heart of Mary Kay’s operations and product innovation. Committed to delivering industrial excellence and advanced product technology, R3 operations include over 650 employees.

Mary Kay’s R3 Sustainability Committee is responsible for implementing water stewardship principles into Mary Kay’s manufacturing process at the global manufacturing facility.

The R3 Sustainability Committee Focus areas include:

  • Good water governance
  • Sustainable water balance

Richard R. Rogers Manufacturing/R&D Center (R3) Sustainability Committee

Nichole Jones

Plant Manager

Kim Hicks

Director Processing Operations

Denny Markovik

Manager R3 Facilities

Nikki Marshall

Manager Corporate Environment, Health, and Safety

Brandon Polyniak

Principal Engineer
Corporate Engineering